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What Video Editing Software Should Use Learn?

As an educator people often ask me, “what non-linear editing software should I learn?” The quick answer is whichever one you can get access to the quickest and begin your journey. The long answer is you need to think about where you want to end up in your career. My career took me from Avid to Final Cut Pro, back to Avid, back to Final Cut Pro and then to Premiere Pro. I use Premiere Pro exclusively now. However, with Avid dropping Media Composer First for free, I’ve downloaded it and will likely re-learn Avid in the near future. If your drive is Hollywood then Avid should be a priority.  A lot of production houses use Avid as well so it’s a fantastic platform to have under your belt.

Adobe Premiere Pro is my current non-linear editor.  I love the platform and I see it everywhere.  Movies, while not as many as Avid, are cut on Premiere Pro.  Various news stations edit on Premiere Pro.  I teach Premiere Pro.  I think this the best program to begin your journey if your new to video editing.  The jump from Premiere Pro to Avid is an easy one as the overall ideas and execution of edits are somewhat similar on both systems.

I do think it’s extremely important to know at least two non-linear systems.  I would recommend Avid & Premiere Pro.  #3?  I recommend DaVinci Resolve.  You can download a version of this software for free as well.

For a deeper analysis of Video Editing software check out this video