Just Enough Effects in Video Editing

Extreme Kellie was a series of fun packages I put together at KDVR/KWGN. I’m going to take you threw the edits. The first thing I did was find music.  I chose two songs.  The first one is O.N.E by Yeasayer.

The visuals are excellent.  My effects are minimal.  Effects are only added as ‘bumps’ in the story.  I call a ‘bump’ a place in the story where there’s just music or a need for a transition of some sort.

In the first shot, I have a blur effect.

This was accomplished by simply putting the same video that was on video layer one on video layer two.  I moved the video on the video layer two 3 frames and dropped the opacity.  This is an easy way to create this effect.  I drop the opacity up and down, so the effect isn’t constant.

These kids have some great moves.  I want shots to breathe.  I also want edits to the music.  I added some edits and changed the scale of shots on the beats.

Each of these edits I change the scale starting at 140% and then returning the shot to 100%.

Watch the story on my YouTube site to see it in action

At [:05], I do one of my favorite simple effects.  I take a portion of a shot, usually about 6 frames.  I start the shot at 100% scale, and then 6 frames later make the shot 400%.

I reverse the effect for the next shot, starting at 400% moving forward 6 frames and returning the shot to 100%.

A simple sequence follows one of the kids jumping fast at [:06].

At [:11], I bring the music up full, and there are four jumpers.  Three of the jumpers do a backflip that times out to the beat of the music.  This is being lucky.

Sometimes being lucky makes one look like a good editor.  I’m honest, got just plain fortunate with this.

I do the scaling again at [:28] like I did at the beginning of the piece.

I do this for the same reason as before.  I want the shot to breathe, and I want to edit to the music.  I accomplish both with this simple effect.

From [:33] to [:47], take a look at how meticulous my match action is.

I pride myself on this.  I think to match action hide edits, and it’s effortless to do with extensive practice.

No, match action isn’t an effect, but it’s a vital editing tool.

At [1:14], I change the music.  Why? The first part of the story was about the kids.  This part of the story is about Kellie.  A change in music singles a change to the viewer. I choose Cobra-style by Teddy Bears.

At [1:19], another use of scaling up on the beats.

This is simple, easy, effective, and an excellent way to add just a little something to your story.

At [1:44] to [2:08], there are no visual edits.  Just audio edits.  I wanted to show Kellie jump-roping for a whole series, so the viewer could see Kellie performing.

This is a case where no edits work better.  However, as you here, there is a lot of storytelling with audio underneath this shot.  After the music full for a few seconds, I have one kid talking about jump-roping.

One last scaling up on the beats at [2:58].

Thank you for reading.


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